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Groups & Classes

Check back often to see what we have to offer!

Thank you for your interest and for trusting us to partner with you and your family. We will offer groups and classes when we have enough interest and as we are able. Sign up by clicking the links below or stay up-to-date on HopePoint Happenings by joining our email newsletter list!

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Self-Worth is the foundation of who we are as human beings and in today's world is highly sought after. It plays a role in every decision we make and in every relationship we have. This program is designed for anybody who desires the freedom that comes with living in positive self-worth and secure attachment.

The MSOYW Curriculum follows a step-by-step process of gaining positive self-worth. It was created by Cindy R. Lee, LCSW, in partnership with HALO Project International.

The Details: 

  • 8 weeks

  • 2 hours per week

  • Small Group 

  • $40 per session/week (Some Health Insurance plans might cover the cost)

  • Currently offering women's groups only.

TBRI® Caregiver Training Series

The Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI)® Caregiver Training offers strategies and support for adoptive and foster parents. TBRI® is an attachment-based, trauma-informed intervention that is designed to meet the complex needs of children and teens who have a history of abuse, neglect, and/or trauma. TBRI® uses Empowering Principles to address physical needs, Connecting Principles to address attachment needs, and Correcting Principles to disarm fear-based behaviors.

Come learn practical tools to address perplexing and challenging behaviors of children and teens!

The Details: 

  • 9 weeks

  • 2 hours per week

  • $20 per session/week per person 

  • Evidenced based Parenting Curriculum

  • Separate groups for parenting ages 3-12 and 12-18


Parenting for Positive Self-Worth is based on the highly effective TBRI® parenting intervention to help parents learn:

  • how to connect with your child in a deep and meaningful way

  • how to empower your child to be successful each day

  • how to correct behavior while establishing positive self-worth in the child.

This curriculum was created by Cindy R. Lee, LCSW, in partnership with HALO Project International.

The Details: 

  • 8 weeks

  • 2 hours per week

  • $15 per session/week per couple (Discount available)

  • Parenting your biological child.


Additional Support Options Available 

  • Personalized Parent Coaching (Not yet available)

  • Support and Implementation Groups

  • TBRI® in the Classroom

  • Trauma Informed Preschools

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