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Welcome to HopePoint!

This page is to learn a little bit about who we are and what it is like to come to HopePoint!

The outside sign looks like this. You might be nervous the first time you come here and that's okay. Sometimes adults are worried the first time too!

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Here are some things you might see when you are at HopePoint.

What is HopePoint?

HopePoint is a place where Helpers (we have therapists and a psychologist), help kids, teens, and adults figure out how they feel or think about situations or experiences. Sometimes coming here is about finding different ways to be mad or figuring out how to feel safe.  Usually, it takes both kids and adults doing things in a different way to make life better! We are here to help! 

The Helpers

Daisy Childhood pic.jpg

Happy Jane!

Angie - Child Picture

Angie Moore

Angie likes to help kids find ways to make their big emotions not get them in trouble. She believes that we are created to have all the emotions, so it is always okay to tell her if you are feeling sad, mad, or scared. Angie’s favorite color is purple and she loves to learn about how our brains work!


Carrie Gillett

Carrie's favorite animal is kittens and she loves playing the piano and singing. She likes to help people of all ages learn ways to keep their engines in the green. She really wants everyone to know that they are important and special even if they don't always feel that way. Carrie loves to spend time with her family and likes to laugh.

Daisy Duncan-Little

Daisy likes to think of fun ways to help kids figure out how their thoughts and feelings impact their actions. Playing might be one of her best superpowers! She is also super at helping kids and adults who have had some difficult times and who need help figuring out their big feelings. Daisy likes to try new and fun activities, spend time with her friends and family, and exercise her body and mind through yoga and learning new things!  


Jane Kaufman

Jane is a very good listener and enjoys helping people find their strengths. She believes that people sometimes forget how amazing they are because life can be difficult.  Jane likes to read and spend time with her family. 


Dr. Sarah Coleman

Sarah has a special job and usually only gets to see kids 3 or 4 times. She has kids do games and some pencil and paper work to figure out how awesome they are at different tasks and what can help them when work is difficult. You might want to know how many Snoopys are in Sarah’s office, but you will have to count them for yourself!


Stephanie Sanders

Stephanie loves to "play in the dirt" which is what most people call Gardening. She believes that there is something that is FANTASTIC in each of us...almost as if we are seeds, just waiting to bloom! She likes to read, learn, and spend time with her family. 

Wise words from Dr. Purvis

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Come Join Us at HopePoint!

Are you interested in being a provider at HopePoint? Do you have a passion to help children, teens, and families? Send your resume to to learn more about joining our wonderful group!


Wise words from Dr. Purvis

Who was Dr. Karyn Purvis?

Dr. Karyn Purvis, PhD was the co-founder of Trust Based Relational Intervention with Dr. David Cross at Texas Christian University. We strive to utilize their work at HopePoint!

Have Questions?

We Love Questions and we ask them all the time!

What will I do when I'm at HopePoint?

What do I call the therapist/helper?

Will my parent/adult be with me?

It depends on the reasons you are coming and how old you are. Most of the therapists have drawing or art projects, games, and other toys that might be used.

You can ask your therapist/helper what they want to be called, but most of us go by our first name with "Miss" before it.

Parents might be in the room for a little bit of the meeting time, sometimes for the whole time.

Will the therapist tell my parent/adult what I say?

Your therapist/helper has rules that they have to follow. One of those rules is that they can't tell others what you say except for a few situations. You and your therapist can discuss it when you meet.

Do I have to get any shots at your office?

Will the therapist be mad if make a mistake?

Wait, I have other questions!

Absolutely Not! We leave that important job to the medical doctors and nurses.

Nope! We are all always learning how to make better choices.

Awesome! You can ask us questions anytime.

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