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HopePoint is a Pediatric Friendly Mental Health Group providing effective trauma informed, attachment focused, connections based services to address the mental health needs of children, teens, and adults.  


Our Beliefs

At HopePoint, we believe:
  • Every person deserves to be valued and to develop a positive sense of self-worth.

  • Every child has the right to be safe and to FEEL safe.

  • Children need connection, nurture, empowerment, and safe correction to develop healthy relationships and self-regulation skills.

  • Being a life-long learner helps parents, caregivers, and providers to develop knowledge and skills that can help facilitate healing.

  • Providing a supportive environment for the work of mental health providers allows them to facilitate a healing, supportive environment for their clients. 

  • Developing positive collaborative relationships with other agencies and professionals can help to ensure the success of our community.

  • Hope Changes Everything!

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