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If  TBRI®, Trauma, Play, Anxiety, Connection, Parenting, Kids, Adoption, Healing, Adults, Love, Teens, Sadness, Change, Worry, Attachment, Trust, and Empowerment are important to you, then let us Point you to a new place for Hope!


About Us
Our Team

A Pediatric-Friendly Mental Health Therapy Group in northeast Wichita is here to support families! HopePoint is a unique center providing effective trauma informed, attachment focused, connections based services to address the mental health needs of children, teens, and adults.

Our clinical team has advanced training in helping children and teens who have experienced trauma and attachment challenges. Many of the clinicians also work with adults. We have Registered Play Therapists and TBRI® Practitioners.


HopePoint has Helpers for children, teens, adults, and families to find Hope and Healing through therapy, psychological testing,  groups, and classes. We know that being a kid, teen, parent, adult, or person has its struggles! Let us help you find solutions to challenges and connections for healing!

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Call Us: 316.778.8001

8650 E 32nd St N

Wichita, KS 67226

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