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Kate Vance, LMFT

Therapist, Parent Coach, TBRI® Practitioner


Kate is trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist and who works with all families, individuals, and couples to bring hope and healing to each unique family situation. She creates an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance and respect and assists people in developing fierce self-compassion through letting go of shame-based, guilt-based, or fear-based motivators. Kate is LGBTQIA+ affirming and works with families, couples, and individuals on attachment, trauma, depression, anxiety, ADHD, parenting, adoption, religious trauma, and more. She is a TBRI® Practitioner, a MSOYW Facilitator, Gottman level 1 certified, and is currently working on her level 2 certification.
Kate has worked in mental health since 2008, and has experience as a children’s case manager, an in-patient hospital liaison, and as a member of the crisis team for a large community mental health center. She has also been leading TBRI® caregiver trainings since 2019 as a parent support worker. Kate is passionate about helping parents see the need behind their child(ren)’s behaviors and meet those needs consistently to build trust, felt safety, and a more secure attachment. She also has a heart for providing couples therapy to couples who are fostering, adopting, or have adopted, and find themselves in survival mode. Kate has been married to the love of her life for 14 years, has been a foster parent for over a decade, and has 3 beautiful children through adoption. Kate is looking forward to serving the greater Wichita area and getting to know this unique and diverse community.

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